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Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging and voice over IP service developed by Telegram Messenger LLP, Its very speed and secure. Because anyone can check telegram sourcecode besides its open software, You can log in free by telephone OTP verification .its longed on 2013.that have much difference compared to WhatsApp. So if telling about telegram, there are many things. Therefore here I am describing that you must need to know about the importance of telegram until the last update on January 2019 shortly.

1. Compare telegram with WhatsApp


3.Telegram and Telegram X

4.Available devices

Comparing telegram with WhatsApp

-telegram is cloud base, and you can access all data without taking any backup even if telegram deleted.
-can be sent up to 1.5 GB file without any resolution change
-It’s very fast
-more secure than WhatsApp
-people can chat with you without a contact number.

-can edit the text after sent.

-cracking contest

-self-destruction message

-integrated app lock

-Can be added up to 200,000 people in a group. and WhatsApp can only 256 members in a group



1.account synchronization:

After signup your telegram account using the phone number, you can access your account in any device at the same time by OTP verification, besides you can change the phone number and also you can delete your telegram account completely.

2.Cloud-based messenger:

It’s entirely cloud-based messenger therefore if you remove your telegram from one device or if you change your device the old messages remain there. Consequently, you need not a backup of the telegram. Besides all telegram account provides free cloud storage and they are in encrypted form. Therefore the sender and receiver can only read the file. Even engineer of server controller also can’t access the message beside you can share photo audio video document etc. without any clarity change. Therefore the file will never compress, and the receiver will get the same file. You can share through telegram up to 1.5 GB files.

3.can be fixed error in the message after sending:

They provide an ability to correct the mistake in the word within 48 hours by editing or deleting.

4.providing different types of group chat:

In the telegram, there are three types of group chat.

-It’s a small team group for friends and family
-Can only add up to 200 members.


-If your group grow a considerable community, then you can upgrade into the supergroup.
-In this group, you can add up to 200,000 peoples.

-It’s a broadcasting message to a large audience.
-All new members can read the entire message history.

5.Available bot:

The bot is the telegram account operated by the program by running a third party application inside telegram. It’s working as an assistant. You can ask the game, movie, etc. and the bot will send you a file or link. But be careful opening file posted by the bot. Because some time the file contains malware.

6. Cracking contest:

I sed telegram is very secure Because they are ready to give a significant amount as a reward when you found a risk in security. If you found any security error and proved then you could claim $300,000. The contest is welcoming at

7.Self-destruction work:

If you do not log in your telegram account for six months, then your telegram account will be automatically deleted from that number, and all the data will lose.


It is unfinished messages synced across user devices. One can start typing a message on one machine and continue on another. The draft will persist in editing area on any device until it sent or removed.

9.Voice call:

The telegram was providing end to end encryption voice call. For that reason, that caller and receiver can only read the message. Nobody else can decipher them.

10.Secret chat:

It provides end to end encryption, and you can’t forward the message from secret chat to other conversations .besides this messages will not store on the cloud. These messages cannot read from another synced device. The message sending through secret chat is safe long as the device safe on your hand.

11.Self-destructing messages:

Its time-based message in secret chat if you set time before start message, The messages will disappear from both device when time ends.

12. Lock security:

You can lock with pin, password, pattern, more guest and fingerprint without any application.telagram provides passcode lock option in the telegram. It also the importance of telegram

13.instant search:

You can find the message that you are looking from million of the conversation by filter option.

14. Undo clearing history and deleting chats:

If you delete or clear group by mistake, you’ll have a chance to reconsider. When you delete a chat or clear chat history, you’ll get a detailed confirmation dialogue and an option to restore the conversation within the next 5 seconds. Once the time is up, the chat wholly deleted.

15.username and

The people can find you in the telegram to chat with you in two methods by contact number and user name. If you are not comfortable to give a contact number to unknown people, Then you can send them your user name. It’s one of the importance of telegram. Username is a public name of your telegram account. All username are unique.this is the method that people can contact without knowing your contact no. If you set your username, then you can give “<user name>” link to people who need to talk with you (for example “”). That link will make automatically open telegram and start a chat with you.

Telegram vs telegram X:

Both are official software. But telegram x is the latest version of the telegram besides have many extra features compared to a telegram.
-Chat and call separated by different page.
-Even faster than the regular telegram.
-Night mode and bubble modes added.
-Extended pressing telegram group and chat will preview of them.

I am suggesting to use telegram X.

Available devices:

It’s basically available for all the devices such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows NT, macOS, Linux and also available for the web. And its the one of the importance of telegram

Use these link to download telegram corresponding to your device

(All links are official if u never trust, please don’t use it ☺)


 I think I cover most essential features in the telegram. If you found any error in this post, don’t forget to comment it. Thanks for reading.

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